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Our heat pump recently failed and the air exchanger needed to be replaced. We looked into providers and found R. E. Graves to be very professional, helpful in selecting the right units and at a cost that was better than the others. The installation was flawless, and we can immediately sense the effectiveness of the new units. While it may not seem a lot in comparison the installation of heavy equipment, I think the kind of caution, care and cleanliness that Ricky Graves showed is as much a reflection of character as the work itself.When you are dealing with an expensive item that you personally know little about, trust in the provider is crucial. I have the highest trust and regard for Ricky Graves and would recommend him highly.

James Hanley

R.E. Graves has earned a new customer for life. Mr. Graves went FAR above and beyond to ensure my system was operating properly, and did not try and tell me to replace things that simply didn’t need replacing, as multiple other local HVAC companies have done. Very knowledgeable, very reasonably priced, highly interested in customer satisfaction.

Dan Turner

So glad Ricky was here to help! The last guy messed up our system so much and had an attitude about it. Ricky came in with a smile, was so pleasant, and fixed everything the last fellow ruined. We will definitely call him for any help we need next time! Thanks!

Kristin Kauffman