R.E. Advantage Membership Program

Enjoy comfort and savings with the R.E. Advantage Membership Program

By entrusting R.E. Graves Heating & Air with your HVAC system, you are protecting your heating and cooling investment as well as your family’s wellbeing.
R.E. Graves Advantage Program Members receive many valuable benefits, including:

Exclusive Member Discounts

In addition to preserving the performance and safety of your HVAC system, R.E. Advantage Program members save 20% on all parts and labor and 50% on diagnostic fees during normal business hours.

Priority Service

Our R.E. Advantage Membership offers same day Priority service for our current members M-F and must be scheduled before 4pm 

Prolonged Life Expectancy of Equipment

The R.E. Advantage Program is designed to maximize the efficiency of your home comfort system by allowing expert technicians to pinpoint potential concerns before they turn into major repairs. R.E. Advantage members also receive a 2 year warranty on parts and labor.

Significant Energy Savings

With scheduled system inspections through the R.E. Advantage Membership Program, you’ll enjoy lower utility bills, improved energy efficiency and optimal heating and cooling.

Become an R.E. Advantage Program Member today!